Friday, September 28, 2007

the flu, mama's turn

soooo not fun. when your kids throw up, you try to be sympathetic, but want them to just....well, not have the flu. When my little tiny guy was sick, I wanted him better. For all of our sakes.

Then it hit me. Tuesday night I didn't sleep much. I had gone to bed early, but I was awake again before midnight and just felt achy and yucky. I finally fell asleep around 4, then I was up again around 7 to call in sick to work. I was puking by 7:15. It was so awful. I haven't been that sick since I was a teenager I think. I won't give you all the yucky details...but fat panties make good disposable undies when you need such a thing...

I was sick all day. Until after 8 I was still throwing up. That was Wednesday. Thursday was better. I was done with all the puking...the other held on a little longer. But I was just so wiped out. I did finally get out of bed last night to watch a little TV with the fam. This morning D finally had to go back to work so I had to up and at 'em with the kiddos. Not a good morning. A drained and dehydrated mama is not a patient mama. And children who have hardly seen their mama in a couple of days need a patient mama. Or at least a somewhat attentive one.

I do feel better today. I am still really weak and run down. It's hard to eat much since I still get a little tummy ache when I eat too much. And I am still feeling like I could drink and drink and drink and never be satisfied.

One good thing...I may have broken my extra large diet coke first thing in the morning EVERY morning habit. I would literally get out of bed, get dressed quick, throw on some flip flops and head to the gas station...or McD's when they were on sale all summer. I would have my diet coke fix very first thing in the morning. Then I would usually have another one of those mid-day as well. That plus all my water. Yep, I peed like every 10 minutes!

But the caffeine addiction is so hard to break for me. It is so ingrained in me. But after going without for a few days, maybe I can kick it altogether? That is sooooo insanely scary to say. There was a time in my life (when we were newlyweds) that I didn't usually even keep diet coke in our house. Now? ummm, different story. But I know it's not a healthy habit.

Now I'm rambling. Maybe it's a blood sugar thing. Maybe I can convince my dh to fix one more dinner? So far the kids have had pizza and scrambled eggs for dinner. I think tonight is burgers. Thank goodness for hubbies that like to cook!


Kathy said...

My triplet grandkids have all had upper respiratory infections this week...going back to school really spreads the germs around. Glad you're all on the mend. It is so hard to be Mom when you're sick as a dog!

Melanie said...

So glad that you are feeling better!

Cory said...

Sorry you've been sick, but glad you're feeling better now.
Good luck breaking the caffine habit. I need to do that myself!

2L said...

I'm sorry you & your baby were so sick. :(

BUT. . .I just realized you only have 3.8 pounds to go!!! That's AWESOME!!! Good for you!!

You go to the meeting at 730am?! Did you go this morning? I went Wednesday so I didn't plan on going today. But, I will hold off on the meeting & go Saturday. Let's hope that I can get up in time for a 730am meeting! :-0

Veronika said...

It's great feeling better. Your coke addiction is my cookie dough addiction. I buy the Pillsbury ready cookie dough and eat one a day, today I had two already. I wish I could zip that addiction away. (Each of them has 100 calories)

CaRoLyN said...

Poor Mama! That sounds awful.Glad it's almost over now and hopefully you are feeling back to your self now. I hate the flu, I had it last year and it wiped me out for a whole week!
Don't know if you made it to WI this week but if you did make sure you let me know your week 1 results of the Christmas Challenge but if you didn't , no worries you can jump in on week 2. I'm posting the results of Week 1 later today :)

Randi said...

Ew that sucks! Poor thing! Hope you start feeling better!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Give up diet coke??? SHUT UP! That is madness woman, pure madness! (Seriously kudos to you if you can do it!)