Saturday, September 8, 2007

and it shows

Today I was back up 2 pounds. I didn't put it on my sidebar or adjust my ticker. I don't want to.

Maybe it's not so bad. After all, yesterday I froze about 4 bushels of corn. So I was standing in the kitchen all day. I had 3 huge diet Cokes, not much water and some herbal iced tea. I didn't eat dinner till after 9 o'clock, either. So maybe that's all it is?!

Yeah, right.

When I weighed in with my meeting leader, I told her I just feel "done". I don't want to do this anymore. Maybe I should just sit here for a while and call this goal?

She wasn't convinced unfortunately. And our meeting today was about setting a goal for the next 8 weeks or roughly until Halloween. After that it really begins the holiday season. P (the leader) said that from now till then is really our best chance for losing. Then it will be 8 weeks of holiday madness. Then January will come and it will be back to heavy duty losing mode.

I really think a huge portion of my struggle right now is the body image thing. Have I really changed much since I have lost these 30 pounds? I seem to be having an identify crisis these past few weeks. I still look in the mirror and see what was. Is that because I am seeing what is underneath?

I told my leader maybe I just need a therapist. Seriously, maybe I do.


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I need therapy too, but it has more to do with my lack of brain function with all of these kids and less to do with my weight!

Listen blogger mommy friend- WE ALL hit ruts when we just want to be DONE with the weight watching thing... It's especially difficult when you've just had a busy vacation (junk food) filled summer. But, and this is a BIG butt- YOU CAN DO THIS! Who wants to work their tail off to get just 12 (okay 14) freaking pounds from goal and quit! NO ONE, that's who!!

And yes, I do think your two pounds had a lot to do with standing in the kitchen drinking diet coke. Here's the good news... anytime I've had a gain, the following week has always been an AWESOME loss (assuming I'm working the program)... Next W.I is going to go SO MUCH BETTER!!! Don't give up the ship!

CaRoLyN said...

We've all hit these awful ruts that make you question why you're doing the whole weight loss thing in the first place. Sometimes it can FEEL so restrictive and it feels like you just don't have the energy for it anymore. BUT you do. Try to think of the positive side of WW. You can eat whatever you want, you feel great about losing weight. WW isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle. Maybe you need a change though. Have you thought about trying Core?

I was in the same spot as you a few months ago. I was tired of counting points, I was tired of gaining, then losing, then gaining then losing. It was so frustrating it even brought me to tears a few times. So I tried another program. I went on SFL for a few weekdn, then months. It made me realize hoq great WW is and how much Ilove the program. Just a suggestion. It worked for me. I'm back on WW and loving every minute of it!

Kate said...

Hang in there, your doing great!

I got to a point where I kept fighting with the same 2 or 3 pounds, and that's when I decided Maintenance was for me. So I completely understand what your going through!