Monday, September 10, 2007

what's changed?

So, I'm better now. I was in a icky place Saturday. I was tired. I tried to nap. YEAH RIGHT!!! Emma kept asking me when I would be done sleeping. Kelli kept coming in to ask me if she could eat something. Then D called. Then Jack E pooped and came in to get a clean diaper.

I gave up and went for a long walk. It was good. I seem to do a lot of good thinking while I walk. I was listening to my music and just reflecting.

I was thinking about something my WW leader had said when she weighed me in that morning. I said I had changed a lot since I started WW...she said maybe I hadn't really changed that much at all.

So I thought about what has changed. I have started drinking my 64 oz of water nearly every day. I choose fruit or yogurt for a snack almost always. I don't usually turn to food to medicate my moods any more. I plan my foods for the day early on and make healthy choices from that. On the days I will be out, I plan for that by taking healthy foods with me. I shop differently too when I am at the grocery store.

I think I just needed to remind myself that I HAVE made changes in my lifestyle. I am so close to finishing this journey to getting to my goal weight that I am not going to give up now.

And lately when I look in the mirror I see a slim face with GREAT cheekbones.


Kathy said...

I think great cheek bones are God's gift to a beautiful woman...think Katherine Hepburn. My Mom was almost 90 when she died and still had the most gorgeous face because of her bone structure.
I agree that you can tell a lot about how far you've really come when you see what you eat when you're "cheating". I still don't touch butter even when I'm overdoing everything else even though I used to go through a pound a week pre-WW. And I still just dip the tines of my fork in the salad dressing when I eat a salad.

CaRoLyN said...

You HAVE come a long way! Just dig out some old pictures of yourself if you need reminding! Look at the tag on your jeans. You have come so far! Sometimes though, it's so easy to forget how awful we felt XX lbs ago!

Keep it up! You'll get there!