Monday, September 3, 2007

what a weekend!!!

It's still officially Labor Day Weekend, I guess, but I need the weekend to be OVER so I can get back on track.

Saturday was just as crazy busy as Friday had been. I did get through all my 3 bushels of tomatoes that needed to be canned or "put up" somehow. I have a few left to eat this week though honestly they are not looking very appetizing right now. I canned 7 quarts of green beans and froze a bushel of corn....that's about 50 ears that we shucked, blanched and cut off the cob to freeze.

Then we had a Brew party on Sunday. That's where D takes over the kitchen for the day and makes a batch of beer...or 2 like yesterday. It was really fun. We invited over some neighbors and just hung out.

What does that mean on the food front?

Well, Saturday morning after my WI I picked up doughnuts for the kiddos. Aleena had a friend over and I just took the easy way out when it came to feeding everybody breakfast. That was a big mistake. Jack took a bite or two from all the doughnuts and so did Mama! UGH...

Lunch? Ummmm, I think I ate a few bites of the mac and cheese that Aleena made for lunch. It was by Annie's organics so that makes it better, right?

For dinner, we got McDonald's. I totally bribed my children to clean the house while I finished doing corn and tomatoes with the evil McD's. I even told the boys they could have whatever sandwich they price limit. I of course had a big ol' burger and a ton of fries. I had hardly eaten all day and had been working like crazy!!!

Sunday morning, Aleena and I finally got to the weekly grocery shopping around 7 am. I ate a bagel while we shopped. We made a quick lunch of quesadillas...mine was with a whole wheat tortilla and reduced fat cheese.

Then neighbors came over and it got ugly. It started with the cranberry martini...then a green apple one...or two, I'm not really sure. There was that yummy 7 layer dip...and bacon cheddar ranch dip with potato chips...and some pineapple cake with a yummy cream cheese frosting. I'm not sure what else...

The bad thing about brew parties is the guys take over the kitchen and are busy the whole time while the women sit around and eat!!! Next time we are having healthier choices!!!

So this morning I got up and took a walk before the brood was awake. I haven't done that in probably a month. I have really missed that time, but just haven't been able to add in that one more thing. And I have really tried to make healthier choices today. Days like the last 2 are really an anomaly for me, so I am not going to get freaked out by it. I am up a pound since Saturday morning, but I have a feeling it's all salt and alcohol. It does feel good to get back on track today, that's for sure!

Emma is bugging me to go do something in the kitchen with her. Gotta go...


Kathy said...

You sound like such a fun family...why don't you live down the block?
You're doing fine when the days filled with eating less than healthy things are the anomalies and you can keep a sense of humor about them and jump right back into healthier eating the next meal...that's balance and being realistic.

CaRoLyN said...

It always amazes me how busy you are!
I think the weekend was a bad one for all of us but the important thing is getting back on track! We can do it, we just need to stick together!
McD's is an evil evil place! I avoid it at all costs!!!
Good luck this week, I'll be cheering you on!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. We all need days like that sometimes... and HELLO you are super mom with all the canning... I HATE canning and making jam and such but WOW the family loves it. Glad you're back on track!

Chubby Chick said...

Hi, Noelle! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I really appreciate it. The support of my blog buddies has really kept me on track!

I see that you've lost over 30 pounds so far. That is absolutely great! Keep up the good work! :)