Tuesday, August 28, 2007

new day

Today was a much better day-FINALLY! My goals for this week were to drink all my water and think before I eat something.

I did get all my water in yesterday, but I was eating more than I should have. Like last night, the kids had sloppy joes and oven fries and fruit for dinner. I totally picked at their fries. Just shouldn't have done that. Today has been a really good day. I am proud of the choices I have made for the first time in a couple of weeks. I did start my day with oatmeal which is a rarity for me. I think that may have had somehting to do with my successful on plan day. I'm going to try the oatmeal again tomorrow to see how it goes.

I really do feel good about the food I ate today. But I really don't feel good about those pounds that I think have taken up residence on my belly and booty. I was hoping it was just vacation weght, but I am thinking I am going to have to really work to get it off. Oh, well. At least I know how to do the WW thing and get back to losing it. I haven't been walking lately either. It's been just that one more thing that I can't seem to add into my life again. I do miss that solitude. The kids have a late start tomorrow so I'm thinking I may get up and go for a walk since I don't have quite the same schedule to keep. I've actually been thinking of doing that whole CP25K thing!!! **GASP**

There are days when I really wish I had a treadmill. But then, where would I put it?!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Where to put a treadmill:

Under the insurmountable pile of laundry, behind the overflowing toy box, surrounded by the candy wrappers that your kids left on the floor... That's where MINE would have to go anyway.

Glad you had a great day!

lainb said...

Thanks for the update to my previous comment/curiosity. :)

Yay for feeling good about your choices!!

I think a treadmill invention needs to be made: one that folds up into the size of a quarter and can be stored in a drawer! ;) But then again, fancy equipment schmancy equipment. I guess a 2'x2' space on the carpet works well enough for marching in place. It just doesn't have the same fun bells & whistles. ha!

Kate said...

Congrats on feeling good about your choices, always a positive thing.

As far as a treadmill, you know I've always found that when I buy a piece of gym equipment for my house, it gets used for about a week, and then it's just in the way, and I end up losing money on selling it. At least the gym, I just cancel the membership.

CaRoLyN said...

Good for you or getting back on track. Soemtimes it amazes me that you even have time to blog about what you are eating! Don't beat yourself up over Friday night pizza or a few oven fries. You cant let that bother you 24 hours a day. Just do the best you can and like you said, think about what your eating beofr eyou put it in your mouth.
I know you can get these 7 lbs off, I just know it!! Think of how WONDERFUL you will feel!!
Take care and I'm cheering you on!!