Saturday, August 18, 2007

how many points do you think are in a deep fried oreo?

Yes, I actually ate one of those. And it was really, really good! Thankfully, D and I shared them with the kids so I had one and he had 2 and the kids are the rest. But they were really tasty.

We went to the fair on Thursday before heading home on Friday. This is the fair famous for everything being deep fried or on a stick. The hot new food last year was the meatballs on a stick...I think they were deep fried meatballs, too.

We did eat OK for the first part of the day. D bought some cheese curds that we all shared with some pretzels. Then we had apples and clementines. The Egg Board was giving away hard boiled eggs on a stick. Then it was like 2 and we were all STARVING. I just gave up and ate a corn dog. It was sooooo good.

Then we wandered around some more. We wound up getting more hot dogs for dinner for the kiddos...I think the big boys had foot long corn dogs and D got me a shredded pork sandwich. Some more fruit and crackers...and we finished the day (at 9:30 or so) with the deep fried oreos.

I honestly don't think that day at the fair and the crappy eating there was as bad as the drive home. We got donuts for the kids in the morning...mama had 2. For a morning snac, the kids shared some chips and I ate most of a big bag of Smartfood. Love that cheesy popcorn! Lunch was OK...except for the 3 cookies. Then afternoon snack was another donut and some All Bran bites. After we unloaded the car last night. I made bacon and eggs for everyone for a late dinner. I had a piece of bacon and some scrambled eggs. Oh, and yesterday, I drank NO water until after the kids were all in bed. It was all about the diet coke.

So today I went to WI and was up 6.2. REALLY?! Gosh, how did that happen?!?!?!?!

But I have jumped back on the wagon. It's hard in some ways. I just want to eat crappy. Then there is the desire to do the emotional eating thing. But I don't want to go there. It was really good to go to my meeting this morning (well, actually a much later meeting! :P ) and just get back on track. So here it goes...

I'll keep you posted. The kids all start back to school this week and I will have my babies I nanny for at my house a couple days this week and next, too. I am really looking forward to getting back into the routine of life...on all fronts. I need to reclaim this life and not just float along for the ride. Does that make sense to anyone else?


Kathy said...

It makes perfect sense to me. Routine is so helpful when you're trying to deal with all those things that make you want to can just go on "automatic" at times. I think, given all the temptations you must have been presented with at the fair, that you chose pretty well. I don't think fruit would have crossed my mind in that situation. That weight will fall off once you get back to your regular schedule of eating and drinking water.
Good to have you back.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I totally get it... I love to vacation, but sort of hate it too... I feel all out of sorts when I'm not in my own space... Sounds like a fun trip to the fair... If it makes you feel any better, I'm on the upswing of the scale these days too... Misery loves company, right?? I'm chasing the wagon trying to get back on with you...

CaRoLyN said...

It makes so much sense that I could have written it myself! I missed your posting while you were away!!
First of all, kudos to you for holding yourself accountable and owning up to everything you ate while you were away. Sometimes I'm honestly too embarassed to really rehash all my splurges on my blog! Especially when I am away from home.
Second of all...good for you for making it to a meeting!! I would have been avoiding it like the plague!! You're such an inspiration!
Glad you had a great time with the family!!!

Kate said...

I think routine is a big thing in anyone's diet plan, I know it is for me. I have a tendency to have a harder times on weekends when I don't have my regularly scheduled routine.

As far as deep fried oreos, when I was in Vegas they had those, and I always wondered what they would taste like.

I'm sure the weight will fall off once you get back to drinking your water and eating well.