Sunday, August 26, 2007

"as long as it takes..."

That was the theme of my meeting yesterday (and probably for all of you last week, too!).

It's very timely for me. I started my 40th week of WW yesterday. I really thought that I would have been at my lifetime and personal goal 40 weeks into this program. But I'm not. And I'm trying to decide if I'm OK with that or if I want to revamp my goals. I set my WW goal solely on their little chart in the book about BMI. And my personal goal comes from high school. I weighed 143-148 in high school, except for the few weeks after I had mono when I bought my one and only pair of size 9 jeans! LOL

But I feel pretty comfortable hovering around 160 so maybe that needs to be my goal?

Right now I have my mini goal of getting back to 158. That was where I was before vacation. I came back at 165...and I'm still here.

In all honesty, Friday morning my bathroom scale said 161.4...but then Firday night I ordered pizza for the kids and me to celebrate the first week of school. I ate sooo much more than I should have. Honestly it started earlier in the day with about 5 cookies. That didn't leave me many points for dinner, but so be it. It really was my plan to have a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones for dinner. But then I opened that box and saw the pepperoni and sausage pizza that I ordered for the boys and it was all over. I had 2 slices of that and 2 slices of cheese and some cinna-bread. I honestly made myself sick. I was sooooo full that I hurt. At that point I knew my WI Saturday morning would suck. And all I could think about was how much fun Friday night pizza night could be (if I didn't go so crazy) and how I really should change my day for WI!

So I had a week with no loss after having a big gain. So be it. I knew it would happen after all that pizza. And I really am not doing well with my water. I need to just guzzle it a couple times a day and get it in. But I digress...

At our meeting yesterday, my leader was talking about the big goals that we get rid of the fat...but also about the little goals we need to have. Lately my big goal and little goal have been the get to my goal weight. And I'm not sure I can reach that right now. So my little goal for the weeks to come is to lose these 7 pounds. It is vacation weight and pizza pig out weight and TOM weight so I'm hoping it goes away quickly. But that is the only goal I have in sight right now...7 pounds.

Then I will decide if I really want to lose those next 10 pounds or if I can be comfortable with them. I know that I have accomplished a lot by losing what I have already. I am really proud of that. And I feel like I am at a place where I can maintain and not gain it all back. I have learned so much about myself and my eating habits with WW. And I know this is an eating plan that I will need to stick to for the rest of my life. It is too easy for me to go back to my old ways...and gain weight. So I am committed to getting to 158 long as it takes!

@ lainb-

My leader wasn't solely referring to weight loss goals. Like someone said her goal was to track every day. Someone else was aiming for the 8 healthy guidelines most days.

Getting enough water...limiting alcohol...working in more movement...those are all goals that would lead to weight loss but aren't necessarily scale related. I do like these kinds of goals more because they are something we can control. It's not always possible to control what the scale says...but I can control what I do to help it move.

So, after re-thinking this my goals for this week are to get my water in each day and to really consider what I put in my mouth BEFORE I eat it. This week has been crazy and I haven't always made the healthiest choices...or stopped eating when I was really satisfied. So I want to get that back into check.

Thanks for making me think harder!!!


lainb said...

By "big goal" vs. "little goal", is your leader referring completely to weight?

The way I see it, weight is an OUTCOME. A GOAL is what gets you TO the outcome. In other words, we have direct control over our actions (goal-oriented), but we don't have direct control over weight...if that makes sense.
For instance, a goal might be to drink 4 cups of water 6 days a week. And eat 4 servings of vegetables a day for 5 days a week. In the end, these small goals will lead to the desired outcome of weight loss.

That's the only reason I'm curious as to the meaning behind big vs. small goals.

Kathy said...

You really hit the nail on the head with the comment about the number on the scale not being something that is under our control...the eating is, however, and what a great thing to consider as I set my short-term goals for the next week.