Wednesday, August 8, 2007

midweek check in

I'm not sure if I'll get another chance to post before we leave on Friday morning. It's just crazy around here trying to get ready to go.

I went to WI this morning. I was up .4 from Saturday. I was a little surprised, but I really went just to fulfill my WI for the week. I will most likely come back a week from Friday then go to WI the next day. So that one will probably be up, too. But then I will be back on track to lose my last few pounds before maintenance.

Thanks for your comments lately. Especially you SOOOO made me laugh. I will remember the free points from 12-3! It is really rare that I am up at that point, but if I am...I won't sweat those points! LOL And I tend to call my 2 or 3 youngest my "littles"...I have my oldest, the big boys, the little girls and the baby at my house.

This week has been a major NSV for me. I am stressed beyond belief. There is the back to school stuff to be done since we get back 2 days before the kids start back to school. Then there is the packing for the trip. Since I was so sick 2 weeks ago and not a whole lot better last week, my laundry has been out of control. I am desperately trying to catch up. Then there is the money stress. There is never enough in the month of August I swear! And the stress of my hubby's underemployment. That has been the situation for a while, but I am really ready to move from this point. He is seeking out so many leads the past couple of weeks only to have them lead nowhere.

**big sigh**

The good news is that I have NOT turned to that pint of Ben and Jerry's for comfort. I have just continued to plug away at what needs to be done. We did get most of our school supplies yesterday. The new outfit for the first day of school will have to wait for the weekend after we are back.

So now I am off to finish my laundry so we can start the process of packing clothes this morning. I also have to do a couple of batches of pickled beets today. Hopefully that will go quickly and not be a source of MORE stress.


CaRoLyN said...

Wow You busy busy girl! I don't know how you do it! Sometimes I get worn out just reading your blog!
Don't worry about hubby, everything happends for a reason and it always works out in the end.
GOOD FOR YOU for not turning to food for comfort....that would be my first stop. You are doing such a great job!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Awww... thanks... I love reading your blog because I feel like we relate... we've both got grundles of kids and a little chubbiness to work off... that is ALOT to have in common with someone, you know! I hate the packing and unpacking for trips and the laundry... whew, don't even get me started on the laundry... and the underemployment issue, yep, we've got that one too... Hang in there!

"the captain" said...
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WeightBGone said...

You are busy thats for sure. I can relate because I leave for vacation this Friday too. Vacations are fun but you usually need another vacation after the first one just to rest up. LOL

Have yourself a wonderful trip and take some time out just for you because you deserve it.