Wednesday, August 15, 2007


still on vacation but I feel like I need to do some confessing. There have been some days of eating really well with much constraint. Really not difficult to do. I've had fresh Iowa sweet corn and garden fresh tomatoes to choose from. I have had the world's greatest cottage cheese (not as good low fat as regular, but still good) and yummy nonfat yogurts...then there was the bag of chips and dip. And the soft serve from the Tastee Freeze. And the fish, freshly caught (by my kids) and freshly deep fried (by my dad). And the 14 ounce filet mignon...which I DID share with one of the kids and my husband. But today we went to Culvers...if you are from the midwest you know that means NOTHING low fat or low in calories there. I caved in and had a tenderloin...yummy deep fried pork goodness...and deep fried cheese curds. OH....MY.....GOODNESS!!!

I was soooooooo completely sick after that. Seriously. And seriously needed a ton of water. Tomorrow we are going to the fair. The fair that is famous for everything fried and on a stick. Not looking forward to indulging in that again. It will honestly be interesting in what I DO find to eat. Because I am honestly feeling a little crappy tonight.

But according to my mom's WW scale, I haven't really gained more than a couple of pounds! We'll see about that. We will head home Friday and I really plan to go to my regular meeting on Saturday morning. It's a little sick, but I have never missed a weigh in for the week. Saturday will be my last chance this week. And I KNOW my weight will be up. But then I can lose all the retained water and whatnot by the next Saturday and be back on track. That will happen, right?!

I just wanted to check in with you all while I had a second on my mom's computer. I have really missed my daily accountability with you all. I have not walked like I thought I would because it is so crazy hot and humid here. But I totally need the mental break that you all give me. I'll be back sometime this weekend...hopefully not 10 pounds is soooo not worth THAT much weight!


WeightBGone said...

I'm from the midwest and I do know what Culvers is. OMG that is one place that screams my name when I drive by. LOL

Sounds like you are enjoying your vacation. I start mine this Friday and I go down south where everything is fried!! Wish me luck. LOL

Kathy said...

Culvers...spawn of Satan...with the blinking sign that proclaims to anyone casually driving by that if you would only hesitate for a moment and just happen to drive in the lot that there is ice cream with the same fat content as butter and it just might be chocolate so deep that it hurts and...peanut butter cups!!!
No...never heard of it!

Kate said...

Isn't it just amazing how bad eating bad can make you feel? It never ceases to amaze me on how bad I can feel after a weekend of eating bad, and also how much I can crave something good. Like carrots! haha.

Good luck with the rest of your vacay.

junkfoodaholic said...

It sucks when you indulge in taste food and it makes you sick, I am sorry. Sounds like you are having fun. Look at you WI this way. Next week you can say you lost even more weight. Good luck and just enjoy.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Go in peace my child, and sin no more!