Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday I alluded to what is going on with me here. I was a little more specific in on this blog.

My dear cyber friend left this comment for me yesterday.

"I haven't read it but it does reflect some of what Michael Pollan wrote about in his book. It did occur to me yesterday after seeing the commercial for the Splenda with added fiber that we are now fortifying our chemicals with other chemicals! Like chemicals squared! I think the closer to nature that we eat the better. "

The idea of splenda with fiber is just inherently wrong. Chemically altered chemicals....

It's such a struggle for me right now as I read because I don't believe natural food to be bad for us, but WW tells me that I should be eating low fat and artificially sweetened foods. Foods that don't occur naturally.

Needless to say, I'm not tracking any more. I'm just conflicted. I'm trying to get some things done this morning so I can read a little more.


TB--Milwaukee said...

I think most natural foods are great...and I think WW knows so too, but promotes low-fat/non-fat as "most" people have difficulty with the moderation part.

I'm not a big fan of most sf/ff products, but also know that if I ate the natural stuff, I'd be taking in way too many calories (yogurt, syrup, pudding, milk, etc.).

Kate said...

I'm with TB, I hate using the chemical stuff, but at the same time, I hate the calories that come along with the real stuff, so where does it leave people like us?

Mary Kate said...

You know, I haven't read Nourishing Traditions, but I've been meaning to for a while. It's basically everything our family doctor has ALWAYS been saying. "Stick to food that is as closest to it's natural form. As little refined sugar as possible; none would be best. And, everything in moderation."
I think the 2 things that screw me up (as is true for most people) is the "moderation" part and our crazy-busy lifestyles. Convenience and speed start to win out over everything else. Sigh.... Guess I'll start reading along with you!

(Cheerful thought: maybe once we come to terms with it fully, it will be a joyful revelation!)