Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's 3:30

and I still haven't gotten any activity in. Unless you count grocery shopping with an energetic 3 year old. Or repacking all the Christmas stuff in our house.

But I have to take Trey to his guitar lesson soon. His lesson is in a nice neighborhood and lasts for 30 minutes. So I am off to change into my walking pants which also happen to be magic pants. No sweats for me. Nope those skin tight workout kind of pants that show every little bump. I had them on Saturday morning (after my WW weigh in) and was changing before I ran to a women's church brunch meeting thing. Hubby said, "why'd you change? you looked really cute." He has to say that. He's gotten me pregnant way too many times to not feel a little responsible for the lack of muscle tone in my belly! :o)

I have totally SUCKED at tracking this week. Like I haven't tracked in about 48 hours. I will start again tomorrow. I have done better with water which was another of my goals for this week.

Gotta change!


Kathy said...

What is a normal day for you would definitely add up to some super activity points for me! It's all relative.

Kate said...

just reading about your busy days wear me out!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kids create enough activity don't they?

Carrie said...

How is the tracking going? great job getting a walk in!