Thursday, January 8, 2009

not sure I like my Momentum

I'm not sure how I feel about WW's new Momentum program. I really miss CORE. I miss being able to just eat and not worry about points. But I am noticing that even though I am eating less, I still feel satisfied. Well most of the time, right now I'm still hungry after lunch.

But that shows me that maybe I was eating because I could. Like, if fruit is a CORE food, then I can eat it, but what if I am not really even hungry? I think that is what I was doing. That and not really counting those WPA's. I mean 63 sounds like a lot, but since I don't have fat free dairy in the house, I'm sure I was using a lot without realizing it.

I am a little frustrated by my scale at the moment. It hasn't moved since my weigh in on Saturday. It went up a little, but now just at the same place. Then again, my "output" seems all messed up too. I've had a salad every day and usually an apple, too. I've eaten beans almost every day, and I'm all irregular. So I feel like if I could "go" I'd feel better...and be lighter. Sorry if that's TMI!!! I did notice before that I didn't go as often when I was eating well. I think there was just less coming in so less had to move out. But I feel icky right now.

See you tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Since I want to lose, I have gone back to tracking points. I wondered if the new program would bother people who are comfortable with CORE.

carla said...

never TMI as this fiber thing and ANY eating plan can throw one for a bigoleconstipatedortoofartheotherway LOOP!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Whenever WW changes their program, there's always those who wish to stick with the old. If it worked for you don't change!!! I'm really focusing on the filling foods/core foods and not really counting points even though I write most everything down.

Kate said...

When I'm trying to lose I definately count points, just cause like you said, I think I would have a tendency to eat things cause I could. I'm counting points for at least the next three weeks to get the few holiday pounds off.