Monday, January 12, 2009

magic pants

We all know what fat pants are, or fat jeans at least. Those are the ones we wear when we feel big and bloated or just blah.

Yesterday I wore my magic pants. I was feeling big. Feeling bad about my body. But I had to get dressed for church. And now we're at our new church so there's no more jeans and a sweater for church clothes.

So I put on my black pants. For years I wore black pants to church a few times a month. I LOVED those pants. I could wear them in winter with heels and a sweater. I could wear them in summer with a light top and heeled sandals. They always were a great option. But they are a size 16. Last winter I broke down and got a new pair of black pants. These are a size 10. I always feel a little self conscious in these pants. They aren't cut as fully as my old pants. They are much slimmer. They aren't as forgiving of all my body flaws.

But I put them on yesterday with an old sweater (that's a size large and felt so big and roomy!) and looked in the mirror. I saw a thin body. Sure I still have a round butt, but honestly, that will never go away I don't think. I will always have an ample behind. But I saw slim thighs. OK, slimmer thighs. I saw my body how it is instead of the way it was.

It was magic. Instead of feeling bad about my body, I felt good. It's been really hard for me the past week to look at myself and see a slim person. I have just felt BIG. But dressing for church changed that for me yesterday.

I even got out and went for a walk yesterday afternoon. It's been over a year since I was getting regular exercise like that. Bt when I get back into the habit I know I will feel strong again. I will like the shape this body takes. Of course today it's snowing and we're supposed to get like 6 inches. And then another few inches tomorrow. So I won't be walking, but I will do something. I'll let you know!


Kathy said...

Reading this just made me feel so good for you! It is one of the best things you've written since I began reading your blog!

Carrie said...

Just look at how big of an accomplishment having SIZE 10 magic pants is!! They used to be size SIXTEEN!! NOW THEY ARE A 10!! That in itself should make you feel awesome Great job getting out there and doing something even with all the snow!!

Natalie said...

Shovelling snow is a great work out!! and Wow what a beautiful feeling to actually see yourself as you are and not as you once were. SIZE 10 is a huge loss, congrats.