Monday, January 19, 2009

more updates

I posted on my kitchen blog about why we will continue to eat butter and phase out all artificial sweeteners. You can read that here.

Last night I was talking to my mom about the book I am reading and how it contradicts a lot of what WW stresses. I have thought about that a little since then.

How did I get overweight to begin with? Let's see....there was pints of ice cream on the couch late at night. There were giant gas station muffins eaten nearly every day after breakfast as I drove kids to school. There were lots of trips through the drive through to get food I wasn't even always hungry for. (I must say that being alone in the car was reason to eat for me. Even if it wasn't meal time. It was my reward to eat food ALONE.)

Did eating butter on my vegetables make me fat? I really doubt it with all that up there. Even in the past few months as I gained a little extra weight, I know it came from eating handfuls of cereal out of the box every time I walked by the pantry. Sure it's not froot loops, but it's not rolled oats either.

I did learn a lot of valuable things from my time with WW. If nothing else, I got myself away from those empty foods and eating real foods more of the time. I addressed a lot of my emotional reasons for eating and bingeing. And I'm not saying I'm done there. I had great comments from Clindermuth (I think that was her name) last week on incorporating WW into a more whole foods mentality. That is my plan at this point. By sticking to more traditional foods I will also stay away from the foods that cause me to want to binge. Honestly, a handful of goldfish beckons for more of the same. An apple? Not so much! I will be transitioning our family away from those foods too. I look at them and while they are mostly all at healthy weights, I see them going back for more and more of the same foods that are the least nutritional in our house. I want health for them too, not just lean bodies.

So stay tuned as I try to figure this out. You can either be here to see how we are transformed or simple say I told you so when I weigh 200 pounds again by summer.


TB--Milwaukee said...

I really wish WW would get with it and stop selling so much garbage. They're harping filling foods, but market nothing but the opposite.

I hear you on the eating alone and not at mealtime.

Kate said...

As TB said, I really wish weight watchers would practice what they preach. They preach we should reach for a one point apple, but then they sell one point PB cookies loaded with preservatives, and plaster it all over everything!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I got fat from the same stuff! Wow. It's a lucky thing we don't live in the same state!!

Michigan Mom2three said...

Hi noelle! Just thought I'd pop by to check out your blogs and say hello. I just want to encourage you pursuing whole foods. You're on the right track!

Shauna (from Musings of Home and Hearth)

dhimas said...

ok, i will do it