Monday, July 2, 2007

down on saturday

I don't mean my mood. But when I went to weigh in on Saturday I was down a pound. I was really glad about that since I had that big gain the week before. And I did have some issues with eating last week, too. Like eating every daily point and every flex point...and having a deficit of like 20 points. NOT GOOD, but I still lost. Go figure.

I am trying to do better this week. We had friends over on Sunday afternoon. I honestly could have done without the burger I had, but there was not really much else to eat. I should have made a coleslaw or salad or something, but I wasn't sure what our friends were bringing. Chips and dip and regular sodas and ice. Should have prepared more. D did grill some zucchini and bell peppers. Only problem is that it's early in the season so we didn't have much to grill. I couldn't very well pig out and not leave any veggies for anyone else.

Then we made homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert (actually MY idea). I really don't think it is as bad as store bought premium ice cream since it only had whole milk and no cream or half and half. If D hadn't been watching I would have used 2%. I should put my recipe through the recipe builder and see what it comes out to. I just estimated my points for that based on regular (not premium) ice cream. I also overdid it with the potato chips. They were just so salty and yummy.

Today, not feeling the greatest. Just craving junk food and lots of it! As well as having really stinky gas. Sorry for TMI, but I realize that too much fat or too much refined sugar and I am walking around in a green cloud for days!!! LOL

Hope you are all doing well. Life is so busy this summer that I don't have much time to read or post...but I am trying to check in with many of you to see how you are coping with the summer. I have started going to Saturday morning meetings and really LOVE my new leader there. It's much more enjoyable to stay for the meeting now! And I also go without my kids which is a big plus, too!!!


Kathy said...

I love fat and salt...fried pork chops with salt...chips...salmon cakes...fried chicken. They are definitely a group I have to beware of. I think they are a reminder of the foods I loved growing up.
The zucchini on the grill sounds good. I stir fried some last night and got to eat it all myself since Hubby is on his fishin' trip...I think he would have sacrificed his share anyway.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Unfortunately I relate to the green cloud (although I think my cloud is more or a orangey-brown color)... So you didn't have a fabulous weekend... me neither... but today is a new day, right? (Except for the gas, which seems to follow me around for several days at least)

Kate said...

Congrats on the loss, even after using all your flexies and some. I'm finding out as the journey goes on, the more I eat, the better I lose....go figure.

Your homemade ice cream sounds yummy! It's getting to be blueberry season here in Michigan, and I can't wait to go pick!