Tuesday, June 26, 2007

still stressed out

I'm still feeling the stress. This morning is particularly bad. But I tried to just enjoy my walk this morning. Last night I did get in a few minutes of yoga, too.

I will have a houseful of kids today...more than just my 6. Aleena has a friend here and is planning a "show" with the neighborhood girls. My twins I nanny for may stop by with their mama for a while this morning just to visit (while their dog is at the fertility vet having a "sample" taken-ew!). Then my friend has a work conflict this afternoon so her 3 yo daughter and 7 yo son will be here a couple of hours.

And my goal is to get my laundry done and wood floors scrubbed today, too.

Right now I just want to sit on the couch. *sigh*

Happy day all!


Anonymous said...

have you ever heard the word "no"? you are certainly a canidate for "supermom". But, you have always been my hero.

Kate said...

Wow, thats alot of kids girl! I don't see any reason to be stressed *rolls eyes*

Hang in there, things will get better!

Kathy said...

I just want to know how in the heck you do it...I will never whine about needing my "alone time" again...well, at least not in front of you...you crazy girl!

2L said...

Are you serious? How many kids is that total. . .6+2+2+neighborhood girls. . .WOW!! I'd be stressed too if I were you. You must either REALLY love kids or is just too nice. . .probably both. I hope you were able to keep a bit of your sanity!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You are a total riot... I'll be back to read more so keep posting!