Sunday, June 24, 2007

weigh in this week

It has been a hard week. I have done sooooo much stress eating. I knew my weigh in would be bad and I was prepared to face that music. I did gain 2.6. I didn't update any of my stats anywhere since I am too tired tonight.

Even with a gain, I have lost over 28 pounds. That's nothing to be ashamed of, right?! I went shopping yesterday for a new swimsuit. I didn't get one...I only tried 1 on. But I did get some shorts and strappy little tanks. The great thing about having six kids in 10 years and carrying a baby or toddler (or both) for an hour of two each day? My shoulders are HOT! I can totally get away with those little tops even though I still have some baby belly.

I am tired tonight. We've had a long weekend and it just took me like 45 minutes to log into blogger...what's my deal tonight?

But I did want to post and say, even though I ate my way through last week, I feel good about myself. I have realized (last Thursday even) that I was stress eating. I have gotten back to walking a few times a week...and I'm thinking I might pull out my yoga DVD. That's a much better way to deal with my stress, don't you think?


Kate said...

Yes! I think Yoga is a more productive way to deal with stress than eating!

Sorry to hear about the gain, but good positive outlook to it all. 28lbs is awesome and your right, you should be so proud of that!

Kathy said...

28 pounds...that's two big bags of dog food, I think. Try picking that up and carrying it around all day. You are doing great. One day at a point at a will reach your goal.