Saturday, June 2, 2007

new pic

busy week. busy day. will only get crazier as summer progresses I think. more about that later.

Today I was down .2! Not a gain, thank GOD!!! But still .2 from 30 pounds. Oh, well. I'll celebrate that next week when I can stay for my meeting! LOL


2L said...

.2!!!! You need to change your ticker, haha. :P You are .2 closer to 30 lbs. . .that's awesome!

I <3 your picture. You don't look like a busy mom w/6 kids!

Kathy said...

Let me see...1 stick of butter is .25 pounds...that's a lot of fat if you stuck it on you thigh or upper arm...right? Is your hair naturally that curly?

Kate said...

congrats on the loss, like you said, a loss is still a loss, regardless of how much, it's better than a gain!

Sonya said...

Yay on the loss, and what a great picture. You look incredible for a mom of six kiddies. Wow!

pastorsbride said...

Hey! You are pretty cute yourself.

On vacation, trying to follow Weight Watchers, but probably not doing so hot!