Tuesday, June 19, 2007

is that scale wrong?

I'm not talking about my bathroom scale. I mean the WW scale. I've been having loss after loss, but I just feel gross these past few days. We were sitting by the river on Sunday afternoon and I just felt FAT! Maybe it's that I just haven't been making good choices lately. Too many processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables. And I haven't been walking lately either. After having the flu at the end of May and then a nasty cold and then going out of town with D, I just haven't made time for it.

I did go out for a walk today. It made me tired...but it felt so good.

I will post later tonight with my menu...and I've been tagged so I need to play that. But right now Kelli is having a melt down, so no time for cognitive thought right now!!!


pastorsbride said...

Don't get discouraged!

Fortunately, my scale at home weighs me about a pound heavier than the one at Weight Watchers, so I know when I go in it's always going to be less!

St. Arbucks huh? I love that! Thanks for helping me to put a proper name on my "church!"

2L said...

What are you complaining about lady?! Haha. I know what you mean though, sometimes I'm shocked when I lose weight bc I thought for sure I gained.

Oh, & tag! :)

Kate said...

It's amazing how much better eating right can make you feel. I know even if I'm counting points, but not paying attention to what I'm actually shoving in my mouth, I will get to a "blah" feeling.

So "clean" up your eating, and you'll be back to feeling good in no time!

Good Job on getting out for a walk, even though you weren't feeling like it!