Saturday, July 28, 2007

moving down the scale

So I didn't lose all of my big gain last week. But I did lose 2 pounds. And considering that I have eaten what was easiest (not always lowest in points) and barely moved all week, I am happy with that. Oh, and I have not done so great with water either. Just to lazy I suppose.

But I am just over 11 pounds from my WW goal. It would be sooo nice to be there by the end of August. We shall see.

Made a quick trip to Sunflower Farmer's Market on my way home from WI. It is easy to get lost in the bulk bins there. I got some of their Multigrain Pancake Mix. It's a just mix with water thing. All the ingredients were listed on the bin along with the nutrionals. It is 2 points for 1/3 cup of mix. I had some for breakfast just now. I admit that 1/3 cup didn't look like much so I did twice that. It was a TON of little pancakes. They were good, tasted a little corny. Pancakes are my FAVORITE thing for breakfast. I usually eat them plain or maybe some jam or PB or PB2. This is a nice new little just add water treat for mama! And they weren't very sweet so it didn't leave me raving more sugar. Next time I will definitely mx up a little PB2 to put on top of each one!

And WW is doing their recruitment here. The sign says, "Would you like to work for WW?" I totally would...gotta think about if that would work for me. Then I could just sit around and talk about WW (one of my MOST favorite topics) and get paid for it!

Happy day to all of you.

I am feeling better...thanks for your well wishes. Now if only I could give all my kids a little happy pill!!!


Kathy said...

Glad you're better. I sprinkle pb2 on so many cream, bananas, pudding...and put it in my Thai dressing. I'm working on my second shipment.

Kate said...

Glad to hear your feeling better, and that you lost some of the gain from last week :)

I never really liked pancakes pre-WW's, but god I love them now! I make a really good Multi-grain pancake that is wonderful, I found on Roni's site. You should try it!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm favoeite...only I love them smothered in sugary syrup of course! They are so filling though!
Hope you had a great weekend!
You'd be a GREAT spokeperson for WW, you should check it out!