Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what gives?

I went to the the doctor today. I realized this was the first time I have been to the regular doctor since before I was pregnant with my baby...who is almost 22 months old! I just never go to the doctor.

Anyway. I went because after starting to feel better, I started feeling worse. I knew I was getting a sinus infection so I had to go in and get some antibiotics. I also got a tetnus shot since I hadn't had once since before I was married. And we just celebrated our 15th anniversary! So I was due for a booster.

I was not afraid of the scale...and neihter the doctor or the nurse said anything about my weight. I wanted to brag and tell them that although I am still a little overweight, I used to be REALLY overweight, technically I was obese. But they didn't bring it up. I guess being 15 pounds overweight is just not a big deal for a 37 yeal old mama to 6!

I learned something at the doctor today. i have always thought I was 5' 5.5". I AM NOT!!! I measure just over 5' 4"!!!

So do I need to update my WW stats now? I probably won't get to stop at 150...my upper weight limit will probably be lower now. I am so stressed out about this!!!

How could I only be 5' 4"??? This is important information. I have been living a deluded life for a long time now I tell ya!

I need to think....


Kathy said...

I keep losing height, but I'm 58! Hope you're not having signs of osteoporosis...better start drinking more milk! Or...ice cream! Yeah, that's the ticket!

CaRoLyN said...

I'm 5'4 too and that weight limit is ANNOYING! I hate those stupid charts! Frustrating!!
Great NSV about not being afraid to get on the scale at the docotr's!! That is a BIG accomplishment! That horrible scale has been feared for centuries!
Welcome to 5'4....it's not so bad!! :)

Anonymous said...

what is all the noise about? I am technically 4'11" and my target weight is 107 to 113! But the book doesn't say left or right side. With a note from my doctor I can have it changed, my goal not my height.