Monday, July 16, 2007

points to spare!

Yeah, who am I kidding?! LOL

Saturday got CRAZY on me-both with my kids and with the food I chose to eat. I really didn't want it to spiral out of control like it so easily does. You know, how one bad day turns into a couple then a week or two of bad food choices and weight gain.

I decided to nip it in the bud. Normally WW doesn't feel much like a "diet" to me. I count my points, but I am ALWAYS over it seems. Since I am usually going over eating fruits and veggies, I just don't care. And I have been steadily losing this summer with that mentality so it must be working OK for me. Saturday was a hard one. I really went overboard with chips and potato salad and cookies. I decided that I need to think of the rest of this week like I really am on a diet.

I did well on Sunday. It's always so hard the day AFTER a big binge day. My body just starts to crave junk...and lots of it. I just tried to eat well and drink lots of water. OK, so maybe I didn't do well with the water, but I did stay within my daily points allowance...if you let me use the activity points I earned on my 65 minute walk in the morning.

Today has been hard, too. Again, though, I ate all my points and a couple of AP's...I hadn't actually earned them yet but I realized that I wouldn't let myself end my day with a deficit so I pulled out the yoga DVD and did some of that. So I made it with a positive number still in my tally for the day!

I am hoping that I can haul my booty out of bed in the morning in enough time to get a good walk before the kiddos are up and at 'em. I know that every day I stay OP just makes it easier for the next day to be OP.

Here's hoping!

And I'm soooo totally hoping for another loss on Saturday. My bathroom scale has me up a couple of pounds, but I'm hoping they are transient and will be gone soon. I'm so pathetic that I actually weighed myself in the middle of the night last night when I got up to pee. I'm sad, I know!


Kathy said...

I've had good luck getting back on track by having an all fruit and veggie day and drinking lots of water. By the time I do that for a day, I'm thrilled with getting back my bread and meat and I'm back on track again. I don't view it as punishment, but a way to "balance" what I've eaten on the previous day...a little, at least. By the middle of my last "Ice Cream Free" day, I was making bargains with myself that if I could last until 12:01, I could have some and even at 10:00, I was looking at the clock, but then I went to bed and I was over it and filled with new-found resolve the next day. I know you're going to ace those last 10 pounds!

CaRoLyN said...

Good job getting back on track. I SO know what you mean about how hard it is to get back OP after a day of full out binging! But each day gets easier and we all know we will lvoe the results when we just on the scale at the end of the week! We can do it. Today is a new day!!

Kate said...

Good Job getting back OP! Those last 10lbs are going to come off in no time, I just know it, we can lose the last 10 together right?

I know what you mean about WW's not feeling like a diet most of the time. I just count my points, and eat healthy, and truthfully it doesn't feel like a diet 98% of the time.

WeightBGone said...

Great job getting back OP!! Its not always an easy thing to do so kudos to you. Have a great week.

Maggie said...

Oh, it is SO HARD to get back on track after a binge! I find drinking lots and lots of water helps. But I'm the same way as you - as long as I'm eating "good" foods, I don't worry about going over my points. I lose slower this way, but I don't feel so much like I'm on a diet.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds like you're working hard! Coming off a binge really does suck, doesn't it. It almost makes the binge not worth it... ALMOST, but not quite. Keep at it!!

Amber said...

Great job getting back on track! I hope you have a big loss today!