Saturday, July 7, 2007

updated my ticker

I finally got back down from where I was the middle of June so I thought I would finally update my ticker. I was down 2.2 today and that is with eating over my dailies AND my weeklies. But I have really eaten more fruits and veggies...hardly any baked goods...and no fast food this week. No dining out at all, honestly, which is pretty normal for us.

Oh, wait, I just remembered that I did have 2 breakfast things this week. One morning I stopped at Burger King for a burrito. It's the tortilla, some scrambled eggs, 3 hash rounds and some cheese. I can't find any nutrionals for I call it 6. And yesterday I stopped at McD's and got a Fruit Yogurt parfait for breakfast since I was too wiped out to make my own. It's 3 points like the one I make, but mine has a TON more cereal/granola on it since I use nonfat yogurt instead of lowfat yogurt.

Anyway. I did eat those 2 things this week. It's been really hot so I've done well with water. And I've started drinking more herbal iced tea, too. I like iced tea, but usually have regular black teas. I made some herbal this week and count that as my water. I don't count black teas as water since they have caffeine.

So my method of not worrying so much about fruits and vegetables and their counts is working. My goal now is to be able to stay with that and keep my portions of other things in check. I have had some chips, but have tried to stop earlier rather than later. And I have tried to control my portions with meat which isn't a real problem for me anyway.

So maybe I can continue this trend and be at maintenance soon and then my personal goal.

It sure does feel good this summer to be in shorts and tanks and not feel like a beached whale!

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You're doing so great! I know what you mean about feeling like a beached whale... I swear I CAN NOT relax in my bathing suit, I'm always on the lookout for good samaratins who might try to roll me back into the water!