Tuesday, July 24, 2007

swearing off weekends

and not for the reason you would think!

Last Monday morning I woke up with a nasty tummy ache...I was miserable all day with it.

Yesterday (well Sunday really) I came down with the nastiest cold. Sunday morning I started getting a sore throat. By Sunday night I felt really punky. By Monday morning I was MISERABLE!!!

I actually spent all but about 4 hours of my day in bed yesterday. And part of that time up and about was because I had to drive a kid to drum lessons and feed my kids their healthy Burger King dinner! D was working from early afternoon till late late last night so I had to deal with the kiddos a little bit. Though honestly, Aleena was such a great help with them all yesterday. I gave her 3 of my old eyeshadows as payment. She's still pretty easy I guess! lol

I went to WI last Saturday knowing it would be bad. I had that crazy day last Saturday then thought I could just do some manipulating to make it all better. I realized I was trying to turn WW into some weird fad diet...like if I only eat these kinds of foods all day I'll be OK. I had a really low point week (for me..meaning I didn't use all my flex points) but I was eating later at night...because I was STARVING so I would justify a bowl of cereal at 10 pm. Then my bathroom scale just kept going up and up and up. By Thursday I felt gross. My scale said I was up like 8 pounds from the week before...and I just didn't care anymore! We went to dinner with the in-laws and I ate a grilled veggie quesadilla not even giving a rip about points. Then something happened on Friday. I started eating my fruit again...and drinking my water. I'm not sure what but all of a sudden I felt like ME on WW again.

So WI Saturday....up 4.4! Yes, over FOUR pounds!!! I just felt gross about myself, too. I had to run by Target on my way home. I wanted to try on some pants just to see what size I was fitting into. I was preparing myself for the worst, but still hoping for the best. I grabbed a 10 and a 12 of this style that I really liked...and that also had NO stretch to the fabric. I tried on the 12's first. And they fit me perfectly. Granted I would have loved to have the 10's look like on me but I looked really good and thin in those pants. I didn't look like I was hanging out anywhere...they just fit like a glove and I looked good. I started to put the 10's on...yeah right! I didn't buy either since we don't have the money right now. But I do think about how I looked in those pants.

On Sunday we were going to a friends' to celebrate another friend's birthday. I offered to bring something but was assured it was handled. They were doing ribs. I don't really like ribs a whole lot...and they are one of those things that if I am going to eat, I want to be at home where I don't have to worry about getting it all over myself. I was taking hot dogs for my littles. And I decided to take zucchini brownies too. I ran those through the recipe builder and found they were 5 points for a good sized one.

So I had a plan. I ended up skipping the ribs. We were also served a scalloped potato dish. I sampled it but it honestly tasted more like cream than potatoes so one bite was enough. There was a spinach salad with bacon and egg and a great dressing...but there was too much dressing for my taste so I didn't finish a lot of that. I pigged out on the fruit salad and the bowl of sweet cherries sitting by me. I guess the fact that I was still carrying around extra pounds of water or SOMETHING in my belly coupled with the fact that the pants I had on (size 12) were feeling quite tight around my waist made it easy to eat only what I felt comfortable eating. I didn't take any dessert either but I let myself eat a bite or two of my 3 little ones' leftovers.

The ironic thing is that not only did I wake up feeling miserable on Monday morning but I also woke up about 5 pounds lighter than I started the weekend. I love fruit! LOL

I should add too that the friends we were with....one of them I haven't seen in probably a year or so. The other couple I hadn't seen since April or so. They were so complimentary about how I looked...how much I have lost...all that. That's what I need to remember after a crappy WI like that. Yes I gained over 4 pounds last week...of water...salt...junk food....whateer. But I have still lost THIRTY POUNDS...and that is a huge accomplishment!


Kate said...

Such a good outlook! You have lost 30lbs and that's an amazing accomplishment! Don't let 4.4lbs get you down, I'm sure it was just a combo of being sick and not eating right, it'll melt back off!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yes 30lbs is a HUGE accomplishment... WE ROCK!!! (I've lost 29.6)... I'm headed out of town too, and knowing that you can actually gain that much in a week is just a reminder to me that I need to be good while I'm gone!! Glad you're back at it (WW)... keep on keepin on!

Melanie said...

Hey Noelle - thanks so much for the comment. I sure hope it doesn't take 2 weeks to see that scale move! That is so awesome that you are not letting that gain get to you...well other than the swift kick in the pants it gave you! Awesome job on getting back focused!

Kathy said...

I'm glad to see you post on here again...thought I was going to have to drive across country and check on you. Zucchini brownies...do ya think the government would consider that a vegetable like ketchup???

Melody said...

30 lbs. is AWESOME!! You've got a great attitude, just what you need to reach your goal. Keep up the good work!

WeightBGone said...

Wow 30lbs is a fantastic weight loss. Congrats on how far you've come be proud of that fact and don't let a weeks set back get you down. Looks like you are getting right back on track so a huge kudos to you. :)