Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was supposed to go with my neighbor. I was supposed to go over at 7:20 and she would drive. I was supposed to get up around 7 and get ready.

What happened? I staggered to the bathroom early in the morning and must have turned off my alarm then. I thought I heard children awake and thought "hmmm I wonder what time it is". I dozed. I heard a knock at the front door. Then I heard Trey say, "I'm not sure I'll go ask her." Then the door closed. I dozed.

Yeah, that was my neighbor coming to ask if I was heading out to WW with her. Trey offered to go ask me and she said no let her sleep. I actually stayed in bed until about 8:50 when Kelli came running upstairs SCREAMING that Clay was going to flush her dinky (her beloved and ratty blanket I made her as a baby). Actually she was so hysterical it took me a minute to figure out what she was screaming about.

So anyway. I didn't go to my meeting but instead had one of the rare days where I stay in bed past 7. I only feel a little guilty. The scale has stayed about the same. So with weekly WI's I don't think I really lost any this week. For the week I've had, I am just fine with that. I did start another OP week yesterday and am getting ready to have an OP breakfast. I did some family meal planning yesterday too to make sure I had good CORE choices planned for the week.

So here's to another week OP and hopefully a little loss this week!


Kathy said...

I'm sure the sleep did you good!

Kate said...

As Kathy said, I'm sure the extra rest did you well, and you could totally use it!

Sounds like you have a plan laid for a great OP week! Stick to it girl! I'm going to :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Glad you got some sleep momma!

CaRoLyN said...

Glad you got a day to sleep in, I'm sure they don't come often to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so close to your goal!!!

Swizzlepop said...

There are other meetings. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body and get some rest.

You are almost at your goal!

Kathy said...

Have a PERFECT DAY, friend! I'm psyched and so happy you're joining me!