Friday, April 11, 2008

staying OP

So I really meant to post yesterday, but then I'm not sure what happened. I have managed to stay pretty well OP this week. The scale has been holding steady at 157 and it's been TOM this week so I am pretty pleased with myself. I feel like I have been incredibly lazy this week. I guess I take a few days off every month so this has been the week for that. :o) And I have a NASTY case of impetigo on my nose. I finally got a prescription for doxycyclene yesterday. I can already tell it's better.

So I have no big news to report here. I'm not rockin' CORE as much this week, but all things considered, I'm doing OK. I really cannot believe the difference in how I feel about food and eating and binges and being on or off plan with CORE. I know I have had WAY more than my 35 WPA's this week. But I also know that I am pulling myself in a lot more quickly now than I did a few weeks ago.

A couple of nights ago I really wanted chocolate ice cream or something. I probably have some ice cream in the freezer right now. Instead I sat (while I was knitting) and thought about how I could mix up one of those chocolate WW smoothies with some FF yogurt and if it would be ice cream-ish enough to satisfy the craving. I ended up never making it or having any ice cream either. I was too busy knitting. But I think the fact that I knew it was totally OK if I wanted it made it less appealing. Some of you may have NO idea what I am talking about. But I know others of you are just as wacky with eating issues as I am. If it had been a FLEX day and I was over my DPA (like usual) then I would have obsessed over the ice cream and had it probably just because I shouldn't have. But since it was totally OK, it didn't seem like such a great idea.

Then again, since I don't eat many simple carbs these days, my cravings are a lot different too. I don't have so many cravings really. And I even just enjoy the food without adding artificial sweeteners too. Like my shredded mini wheats for breakfast. They are NOT the same without that yummy little frosting on top, but it really is kind of good once I got used to it. And the other day I had my plain FF yogurt with a sliced banana and sliced strawberries. I thought I might put a packet of splenda on, but then decided it was OK as is.

OK, I'm starting to ramble now. Just wanted to check in and say I'm doing OK this week. I'm not sure if I will go to my meeting in the morning or not. It kind of depends on how my impetigo looks. It looks pretty icky right now. Very red and sore and scabby looking. But smaller than yesterday. :o) But if my neighbor wants to go again in the morning, I may just go with her to help her stay motivated. I'll let you know! I know you can't wait to hear what I do! LOL


Kate said...

Glad to hear your staying on program, and the scale is behaving even with TOM hanging around!

Have a great weekend!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm trying CORE this week. It sure is nice not worrying about points ALL the time. I know I'll be over the 35 points as well, but I also know I'm not eating as much as I had on flex.

Kathy said...

KNITTING...the best diet drug there is!!! Calming...occupies your time...and keeps you out of the Cheeto bag!!! Who wants orange "Cheet" on their knitting project?