Thursday, January 31, 2008

wish I could say it was better

I don't know what the deal is for me lately. Who am I kidding? It's not just lately. I've been off plan since Christmas. I just can't seem to get it together again.

This week I have just been choosing junk. I've been eating too much. Eating out of boredom. Out of frustration. (Sorry if I'm deflating your idea that I live a serene and peaceful life in this house with 6 kids!) And I haven't been sticking to the limits I know I should.

My jeans fit so I feel like I can just do what I want.

Guesss I still need to keep looking for my inner skinny girl, cause it's her fat sister that's plopped on the couch right now!


Kathy said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but when I was eating bread, even the nutritious kind, my food cravings increased. I couldn't imagine life without it, but it was the best move I've ever made. Don't know if that would help you or not.
Are you going to meetings?
Are you journaling?
Are you getting the fruits, vegetables, and dairies in everyday?
Go back to basics and look at what you're eating as if you were a disinterested party...a friend who is giving a dear friend good advice...what would you suggest that your friend do?

TB--Milwaukee said...

The winter is tough! I am so looking forward to getting back outside. I seemed to make much better choices when it was warmer. Stay strong! How'd that "junk" get in the house?

Summer said...

ME TOO!!! I've been terrible since Christmas half following plan and half not. I'm just not motivated right now to do my best. Running three times a week is my big success since the new year, but that's about all I can brag about right now...

If any motivation comes flying through your door, please send it to my house too!!! ;-)

Kate said...

Don't do this to yourself! Stop now! Its much easier to lose the few pounds that you've gained right now then the 20lbs you will gain in a couple months!

I know how hard it is. After I went off plan in July and gained a bit back, I attempted to get my stuff together around October and it was so hard, in fact I failed time and time again until right around Thanksgiving. Try your hardest, and get back on plan, and eventually you'll get your motivation for it back!

Anonymous said...