Saturday, January 5, 2008


I did it!!! I have achieved that lifetime goal! In so many ways I am so excited.

But it is a bummer to be up above my goal if only by .4. I really liked being in that 152-153 range. And my leader told me as I was doing my final WI that I need a doctor note since I am only 5'4" and I am above the WW weight range for my height. That kind of took the wind out of my sails to say the least.

Then there's the fact that I have a icky headache today. I had a sebacious cyst removed from my scalp yesterday and I think I still have a little headache from the meds the doctor used to numb the spot. I'd really love to just sit and knit today but I really have got to get that silly Christmas tree OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

Here I sit finally achieving a goal that I set out on over 13 months and just want to complain. Need to work on that, huh?!

Shopping yesterday with Aleena was good. It felt really good to try on clothes that I didn't think looked good on me and be able to blame the clothes for just not being right and not hating my body underneath the clothes. Did that make sense? And lunch was AWESOME! Most of the people around us were ordering these big bowls with meat andveggies and rice and sauce, but we stuck to our plan of soup, cucmber salad, edamame and sushi. Totally HUGE lunch for 10 points...and it was a treat to eat food that is totally out of the norm for us.

That tree is calling my name and I just can't ignore it all day.


Kate said...

Aw *hugs* I am so proud of you for achieving lifetime..You go girl!

And don't let them knock the wind out of your sails saying your above your WW range, your healthy, your happy, and that should be all that matters!

*hugs* again, I hope to join you on maintenance soon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, Noelle! That's a great achievement! Don't let needing a doctor's note sour the moment - you're the one who has done all the hard work, you're the one who has to work to keep it off, and you're the one who has been inspiring all of your blog readers with your success.

Continued success to you! Now go take care of that tree!

eat like a caveman said...

Congrats on your success! I love your blog...definitely one of my favs! I look forward to it everyday...

Swizzlepop said...

YAY, Congrats and WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! You did it! Now one that that irritates me, but maybe I missed it, was the doctor note comment. While I know it's their policy and yes your goal is above the "normal healthy range" for your height or whatever, WHY didn't they tell you that when you chose your goal this way you could have shown up today with your note and enjoyed the victory.
You lost approx 40 pounds and that is wonderful! Enjoy your victory and keep up the great work. You will hit and maybe even exceed your personal goal! I'm so proud of you. YOU DID IT!!! :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

Congrats on the lifetime. Wouldn't worry about a doctor's note. My doctor was more than willing to give me a note after we both agreed I wanted a goal I could stick to.

Kathy said...

I am so happy for you! You are a shining example for all of us still moving toward our goal weights. There are more and more of you achieving that goal and beating the odds. It really gives us all faith that we will get there too. I am so proud of you!!!

joan said...

I've been seeing you around the blogs I visit and came to see you. I became a WW lifetime member last Jan. and have been struggling recently myself. I'm about 5 pounds over my goal and can't seem to get back down. Enjoy reading your blog and maybe reading it I can find my motivation again.