Thursday, January 3, 2008

eating what I love

I just had a yummy HUGE salad for lunch. I'm one of those people who totally loves big, full of stuff, restaurant salads. So why do I always make totally boring ones ar home and then wonder why it's so unappetizing

I still remember hanging out with my girlfriend one day at her house with our kids. We had both recently had our 3rd babies and the older kids were playing and eating mac and cheese for lunch. She offered to make us a salad. We were both starting to try out the low carb thing that our hubbies were having success with so she threw in the bacon and cheese with abandon. But I remember just being surprised that she would go to so much trouble to make a salad for lunch. But it tasted so good. And we felt like we were having a meal together instead of just grazing like rabbits.

So I always think of her when I take the time to actually prepare something for myself in the middle of the day. The end reward is so worth the little bit of effort that I put into it.

The scale was not kind this morning. After being at 155 yesterday morning, today I am at 156.8. Totally bummed about that lemme tell ya! I really felt like I did so much better yesterday. But I'm also having some TOM feelings so maybe that is my problem? I really want to just eat with no thought for the weight it will pack on. I want to CHOW DOWN!!! I told you that has always been my pattern before. I would lose 20-25 pounds, then gain 4 or 5 and soon it was a gain of 15-20 pounds. yeah, I would be right back where I started.

My struggle now is that I have gained some. My body seems to want to gain more. I guess it is much more used to 170 or 180 than 150. I can't give up and give in. All my pants are now size 10 and they would so totally not fit if I went back. So here I am just hanging in and hanging on! I'm gonna go guzzle some water I think.


Kathy said...

When I'm feeling like that I make some 0 point soup and big salads that I can eat with abandon until the feeling goes away. Are you getting any "alone" time? Are you getting enough sleep? Enough protein? Varying the types of foods you're eating?

noelle said...

Kathy-I'm totally craving bread and carbs. So I think it's pretty emotionally based, too. I am making sure to get enough protein. And trying to sleep enough. But alone time has been NIL lately. I'm really looking forward to going to my WW meeting on Saturday morning just to be with a room of grown ups!

Kate said...

Don't sweat being up, I'm sure it's just TOM gain, it will be gone as soon as your visitor leaves.

I'm in the same boat with you gaining, I've been good getting back on the wagon, but I'm so afraid my body will like the gaining more than the losing!

We can do it!

Stephen Cooper said...

Hi Noelle,
You are so close. I've seen it with my clients...their bodies having a natural sticking point and it a challenge to get past it.

Kathy made some great points about sleep and diet...good luck.

Anonymous said...

I've been finding that I like a lot in my salads, too, but not most of the junk they put in the restaurant salads. Beans, different veggies, Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon, stuff like that. The more different textures there are, the better.

Hang in there with the scale, it'll get better!

CaRoLyN said...

I've gotten away from salads in the past few months but they are great, especially when you add different things. What do you usually put in yours? Min are so boring...just the standard tossed salad but I need soemthing to spice it up a little!