Sunday, July 14, 2013


My husband and I planned to go out for pizza on Friday night.  I had a plan.  I followed my plan.  I was proud of myself.

But Saturday I was hungry all day!  I couldn't fill myself up.  I ate more than I wanted and wasn't happy about it.

I hate it when I am feeling really good and in control of the food I'm eating and then I feel like it gets all out of control.  It's not like I had this massive binge that I didn't recover from.  I ate 2 biscuits in the middle of the afternoon.  Then I drank 32 oz of water.  I ate what I planned for dinner and moved on.

But today I feel hungry again.  I don't want to have a crazy binge that I will regret.  But I also believe that I need to eat all my points.  I don't have any answers tonight.  Just questions.

Feeling super frustrated!  I'm feeling like I will never get back to my goal weight.  I just need to keep following my plan for the next day or two and believe that it will get better.

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