Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How long has it been?

I really had abandoned this blog long ago.  I stopped going to WW meetings and was just maintaing on my own.  I started counting calories.  I gained some.  Lost it again.

Then I went through a divorce and lost some without even trying.  It was kind of fun weighing what I did in high school again.  But I was worried that I wasn't taking care of myself well.  I started going to WW again for self care.  I like the Points Plus thing a lot.  No points for fruits and veggies?  Oh, yes!

Then I got remarried.  And like lots of newlyweds, we both gained some weight.  Cooking and eating dinner every night was a celebration again.  It was so much fun.  I didn't want to go to WW.  I wanted to be with my husband.  Part of me just didn't care that I was heavier.  I'm 43.  I've had 6 babies.  Whatever.  But my clothes weren't fitting well.  Then my favorite pair of black pants stopped fitting at all.

Not OK.  I thought I could count calories and that would be fine.  But nothing was happening.  Maybe it's because I'm 43 now and things have changed?  I started going to the rec center for yoga classes and doing the elliptical.  Really not my favorite thing.  Then we got a dog.  Cutest dog ever!

Daisy likes to walk in the morning and after dinner.  I thought this will be good.  I don't have to go do the elliptical.  I can walk the dog.  I will lose weight so easily again.

That didn't happen either.  (Though my legs are getting much more toned again.)

So I went back to WW.  And now I remember why I loved it so much.  I eat.  I eat stuff I like.  I really like fruits and vegetables.  It totally works for me.  I've lost 5 pounds in the few weeks since I have been back.

I feel good.  And more than anything, I feel like I am in control of food and eating and all that stuff again.  I decided to start blogging about it again because I need to talk about what I'm experiencing.  I plan to be back soon. :)

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