Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wish I could say

that I had a great 24 point day with loads of water and fruits and veggies, but I can't.

I can say that I had a day of fruits and veggies. OK with water consumption. But after work I was home and STARVING. I had planned to have some pretzel rods then and save the bulk of my points for chicken and noodles at dinner. But I didn't want pretzels, I needed protein.

I decided that I would be a CORE girl. Maybe my weekends are flex days, but I really liked what I could do on CORE. I had some fat free cottage cheese. Then I had some leftover chicken breast. I felt much better. Satisfied.

Dinner rolled around and I wasn't really hungry. I had some leftover green beans with tomatoes and a few bites of the chicken and noodles (which was CORE btw) and was done. My problem for the day lies with Aleena. She's 12 and loves to bake and experiment in the kitchen like her mama. While I was at Clay's drum lesson she baked brownies in 2 nine inch cake pans. Then she made a peanut butter/cream cheese filling to layer in between those brownies.

I never had one, but I did grab some little nibbles from Jack's plate. They were good, too. I was up till after 10 and hungry again. But I went to bed with a little gnawing inside, and I lived through the night just fine.

Now I'm off to make some eggs.


Kathy said...

That would be so hard. I know even if I didn't eat them, I would be thinking about them...A LOT!!!

Kate said...

oh man, I don't know that I would've had the willpower you did!

I've learned it's a good thing to only bake things in my house like whole cakes, loafs of bread, etc...things I can't steal pieces of!