Tuesday, July 15, 2008

need some feedback

feeling pretty iffy about the weight thing lately. just when I said I didn't need to do a weight loss blog anymore, huh? I realized that in so many ways I still see myself as a total fatty.

so I posted some pics on my mama blog here. tell me what you think!


divamentors said...

Noelle I think you look amazing. It's interesting that when we lose the weight, the issues are still there. Why don't you blog about body image and self esteem... I've always found that helps, and I found this post so timely for me. I am just STARTING my journey and I just wrote a post on gratitude you would find goes EXACTLY with what you are feeling.

Your blog is wonderful. I know my readers would think so too. Would you consider adding your blog to the Be Naturally well community so more health conscious bloggers and readers can find you easily? Here’s the link http://www.benaturallywell.com/blog/add-your-blog/
and as you've probably already experienced, the comraderie of blogging to people who KNOW what you mean is a comfort on it's own!

Many blessings, and thanks for the inspiration!

carla said...

you are amazing.
and should listen to your heart.
your gut.

are you drawn to share your weightjourney any longer?