Wednesday, August 27, 2008

still working it

Last night started to get away from a little. I just needed CARBS after I had dinner last night. So I had a piece of the banana bread I had made earlier in the day. It did the trick. Then I filled up on watermelon later so I went to bed feeling quite satisfied. I have been using those WPA's a lot in the past couple of days. Not always intentionally either. I didn't realize that my deli ham was not a CORE food until I had 2 slices of it. Then I went to a meeting for a school committee in the afternoon and there were cookies that everyone was raving about. I had half of one. It was OK. And I had to sample that banana bread earlier in the day since it was a new recipe.

But all in all, it was a good CORE day. I am not obsessing over food like I had been in the past. I am feeling much more in control of eating and all that. And the scale has gone down a little (well, 2 pounds is more than a little, huh?). This is when I would normally feel like it's OK and I can go back to just eating whatever. But I am committing to tracking this whole week. I would really like to get well below my WW goal again so I have a cushion to go to weigh in. I really do miss going to meetings, but I don't want to pay for them, so I don't want to go when I am over my weight limit. How ridiculous is that? I guess that's part of my vicious cycle, too. And a fatal flaw of the WW company.

Anyway. Here's to another day of tracking and being in control. And not eating mindlessly.


Kathy said...

Good wishes! That darned me too!

new*me said...

Being in control is what it's all about. Great day!