Friday, May 16, 2008

this week is OVER!!!

and I am so glad. Becky just left a comment for me that she was worried and ready to call the police. I have had enough of the police for the week, thankyouverymuch!

Here's a recap of my week:
Monday-our Sheltie (the one that wakes me at 6 to go outside to bark at the bigger dog) nipped at Kelli. I know dogs nip and do things to protect themselves, but this was really aggressive. D put her out then and said she would NOT come back into our house.

Tuesday-I called around to find out the best thing to do with the dog. I decided to take her to the Denver Dumb Friend's League so she can hopefully be adopted by a childless home. It was an emotional day for me. Jack wet his underwear repeatedly...and even managed to get pee on 2 pairs of his shoes. Emma had been home sick and I was supposed to take her and the 2 littles into the dentist at 2 that afternoon. As we were walking out the front door, Jack E peed again. So by the time I get him changed and in the car, we were going to be late. The dentist has a policy that if you are 10 minutes late, they won't see you. It totally sucks when you are 13 minutes late for your appointment. It's really nice that I never have to wait there though. They did put in Emma's space maintainer so it wasn't a total loss. After we got home, I started getting myself together to take the dog in. I was planning on leaving the littles with Aleena while I was gone since I would have to paperwork, etc. When Aleena got home, she freaked out and told Clay and Emma that she was running away. She ran very predictably to her friend's house a few blocks away. After I left a message on friend's cell, the friend called back to say that Aleena was with her and safe. She came home after dinner. I left the kids with Trey (not the most vigilant child) while I dropped the dog off.

Wednesday-I thought Tuesday was a bad day. HAH!!!

I woke up just feeling lousy about the night before. As I was getting our stuff ready for work that morning, I realized I didn't really have stuff for us to take for lunch. I decided I would get us ready quickly and run into the grocery store. I made the REALLY REALLY stupid choice that it would be quicker if I left Jack E and Kelli in the car. I would just be a few minutes after all. I was having one of those moments when I am tired and have a headache and can't focus and take too long to make any decision whatsoever. When I finally walked back into the parking lot (at the most 20 minutes later), there was a police car behind my truck and a police officer looking around the car and in the windows. He was just acting curious not alarmed so I knew then that I was busted for leaving my kids unattended and that they were fine. When I opened the car door later, they were both sitting in their carseats just hanging out. The kind and concerned citizen parked next to me was giving her statement to another police officer while I talked to my police officer. When all was said and done, I was not charged with anything though it could have been a criminal offense. The police officer told me to expect contact from CPS regarding what else would happen.

We came home and started cleaning and picking up and fixing things that we had been putting off. You know, instead of our house looking like 6 kids and 2 working parents lived there, we made it look like we have a housekeeper and SAHM who is meticulously organized. My friend came over and helped me get the bathrooms all cleaned and sanitized. We had to tell the school age kids that they had to keep their rooms looking like this since CPS would be by to make sure our home was suitable. Some of them were freaked out, some of them thought that whole idea was laughable...that our home and family would be less than wonderful. Aleena reminded me that I needed to make dinner. Oh yeah. Thank goodness for spaghetti! I fell into bed at 7:30 with an awful headache and a feverish 2 year old.

I woke up at 9:30 when the phone rang and my dad left a message saying my grandfather had passed away.

Thursday-D stayed home from work. (He had called to check in with me while I was talking to the police on Wednesday and had been by my side ever since.) We kept tidying things and trying to prepare ourselves for a talk with CPS. We had talked to some friends who work with social services and they were pretty reassuring that it would all be OK. I finally called CPS and learned I wasn't even in their system yet.

I talked to my grandmother in the morning. This was her second husband. My first grandpa died when I was like 8 I think. Grandma had been married to Dale for over 29 years. He was 94 and had lived a full life. Grandma is sad, but we all knew it was time. I feel really bad that I didn't finish her Mother's Day gift in time for Grandpa to see it. The service is tomorrow and we aren't able to go, but I am thinking of them. Especially my little sister. This is the only grandfather she has ever known. Her other grandpa died before she was born.

Now it's Friday. The only drama of the day is that Aleena and her posse of friends decided to make this pajama day at school. She'd been warned before that it wasn't dress code. This time she was sent to the office. I do feel bad that it took me 90 minutes to make it 2 blocks away to the middle school with jeans. But I had to get elementary kids on the bus, shower and dress 2 sick littles to go out. And you KNOW I took them into the school office with me!!! I called CPS a little while ago and this time talked the woman who was there when the police called my situation in. She had trouble finding me in the system, but when she did, she told me that the police have handled it and CPS will not be contacting us. THANK GOD!!!

Mother's Day was good. It was a crazy busy weekend. I had a tummy bug on Sunday so I got to sit on the couch and crochet. I did get a new fridge too. That came on Saturday...and created a mini kitchen remodel (taking down cupboards and moving them) in the process. We have been busy with all the stuff that comes with the end of the school year too. Concerts and programs. Today is field day for my 3 and 5 graders. I am earning my bad mother of the year award because I am not coming to run the Ramble with my 5th grader. Maybe someday he'll understand it's not personal?

My funk has lifted. I have just been busy. I had decided last week that I would really try to get back on track with WW this week. That was shot to he!! this week. But in the stress there has been no eating, mindless eating, OK eating. I still weigh the same. My jeans still fit. So we'll see how I feel about it all next week.

Thanks for your concern and comments. But PLEASE don't call the police. I've had enough of that this week.


Kathy said...

That's it...I'm moving out there to be your real neighbor, so tell whoever lives next door to get their house fixed up real nice so I won't have to do much but empty my suitcase when I get there!

You poor thing!

Kate said...

Wow, hectic, I don't know how you do it Noelle.

Glad to know your safe and sound!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What a crappy week! I wish I lived by you so I could pick you up and take you out for a walk or something! Hope you are getting some reprieve! Hang in mama!

MaryFran said...

Dang....your week made mine look like a walk in the park! Good luck next week!

TB--Milwaukee said...

After a week like that, my jeans would NOT be fitting.

Hang in there, I would have done the same thing with the kids too.

Spider63 said...

With all the cases of kids getting snatched and/or car-jacked, you must have a lot of confidence in your neighborhood parking lots and/or you are very brave about losing your kids and/or you are very irresponsible.

Good luck to your kids, hopefully I won't be seeing them on a milk carton any time soon.