Monday, December 15, 2008

holiday survival

UGH! So I think 4 pies at Thanksgiving was NOT a good idea. There are only 8 people in this house after all. And mama LOVES her desserts.

I got on the scale a week after Thanksgiving and saw 169.8. Granted I was fully clothed and it was the end of the day, but still. I don't weigh that. That is WAY out of my comfort range. I decided then and there that I had to go back to what I knew worked and quickly. I didn't want to track so much. I knew that I was just eating too much of the wrong foods. I wanted to retrain myself to eat the healthy foods I love.

So I decided to eat mostly WW CORE foods. Two days later I was seeing great results and I was feeling better. I know some of that weight gain was just temporary, but when I don't deal with that temporary weight gain, it becomes a permanent fixture. I am happy to say that this morning my scale said 158.8. That's back to where I am comfortable. But I've been thinking that I would like to get to the low 150's again, so I think I will try to stay OP and see if I can make it to my personal goal weight by January.

So how am I doing this in the midst of holiday treats? We had a function Saturday night and an open house to attend last night. I didn't eat much at either. On Saturday I would have eaten more, but things were really picked over. I wanted to have veggies or fruit. Maybe some olives and lean proteins. Most everything was some kind of cheesy or creamy dip. While those are good, I was barely fitting into my pants at the time, so it was a good reminder that each bite needed to really count. I had a few shrimp and some grapes and not a lot else. There was a huge dessert line, too. I looked them over but I decided that I wouldn't have any. It just didn't feel worth it. I had 3 peppermints instead. Oh, and it was a wine party so the wine was flowing. I don't drink much. So I had water. I think that helped a lot too.

Last night was another spread. I didn't get a plate. I didn't sample much. I did chat and look over the spread. I did grab some grapes from the cheese plate and some veggies from their platter but not much. Then again I did eat a Dove ice cream bar after I was home!

I think one of my greatest moments came yesterday afternoon. I was out with Aleena picking up something I needed at Michael's. I saw the boxes of Almond Roca. I thought, "we could buy one and eat it on the way home". Yes, I was thinking we could eat an entire box of Almond Roca on the way home. I even told her that. But then I thought, "Nah, I already know what they taste like." I think that was the key. I knew what I was missing and it wasn't that great.

How many times have I eaten something just because I knew it would taste really good? And I didn't have a little bite, but I ate too much. Like the cheesecake on Saturday night. Like the peanut butter fudge from last night. Sure, it would be really good, but haven't I already had some really good cheesecake and peanut butter fudge? Do I really need to taste it again? Not right now I don't.


Kathy said...

Great attitude! And an inspiration for all of us who are trying to make it through the Holidays without gaining a bunch.

carla said...

SO RESONATED WITH ME: I knew what I was missing and it want that great.

I need to remember that. sure there are a few things I know id think YEAH THEY SO WORTH IT (hello oreos!) but many really arent and that's a great way to evaluate.